Bitmain Coupon Code Discount: AntMiner S9

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Bitmain Coupon Code Discount AntMiner S9

bitmain antminer s9 coupon code
The AntMiner S9 wholesale prices hit all time highs in recent weeks. As a thank you, Bitmain offers discount to customers of certain AntMiner S9 batches. And you can see the bottom of this post for the email details mass sent out.

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Bitcoin mining hardware has gotten more and more expensive. In addition, the miner hardware is getting harder to purchase as they consistently become sold out.

As the price of these bitcoin miners can only be purchased in bitcoin, wholesale buyers take significant risk. The risk comes in converting their local currency to bitcoin at all time high bitcoin prices waiting for a small window of opportunity to buy. Retail buyers from local sources do not have this risk as their bitcoin mining calculations are based upon their local currency without wait time. Because of this easier calculation, assuring profitable is significantly easier for the retail buyer.

As bitcoin mining hardware continues to rise in the retail market, hopefully this will create a helpful price drop to wholesalers to be able to pass on the savings. This may be temporary, yet still helpful.

The coupon code is automatically added to the prior batch buyer’s account on the bitmain website. The customer can find their code in the coupon list section of the “My Account” portion of the website. The coupon total will match the total AntMiner S9s purchased in prior batches associated with those batches. Furthermore, see below for more information:

Bitmain’s Coupon Code Email

Dear customer,

Thank you for your recent Bitmain purchase. We have decided to offer a $300 coupon exclusively to buyers of certain Antminer S9 batches as a token of gratitude. The batch that you purchased is among them.

You can view this coupon by logging into your Bitmain account. In addition, the number of coupons you would have received correspond to the number of S9 miners you purchased from the selected batches.

These coupons will be valid until 30th April 2017.

Please note that the number of coupons that can be applied to one order cannot exceed the number of Antminer S9 units in that order. For example, an order consisting of 1 unit of Antminer S9 can have a maximum of 1 coupon applied to it and an order of 10 units of Antminer S9 can have a maximum of 10 coupons applied to it.

If you have additional concerns, please feel free to let us know.

Best Regards,
Bitmain Team

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