Peer to Peer Bitcoin Lending


There are many ways to make money with bitcoin. One particularly fascinating upcoming marketplace is bitcoin lending. You can literally lend your bitcoin on various reputable lending sites to borrowers around the world at interests rates paying anywhere from 5% to 30% monthly. And not just an APR, but literally the entire percentage yield in one month.

Of course, this comes with risk and other things to consider. When engaged properly and responsibility, bitcoin lending can be a huge money maker.


There are several bitcoin peer to peer lending sites one can make money with bitcoin or borrow bitcoin from a crowdfunding-like method. Before diving into specific bitcoin lending companies, it’s important to understand the three sides of bitcoin lending: The borrower, the investor, and the connecting lending third party.

Having explored the leading peer to peer bitcoin lending sites, one really well intriguing concept is Borrowers post what they want, and lenders actually bid choosing their own interest rates and how much of the total requested loan they want to contribute. Borrowers then can reject or accept. The concept is great and the community is growing. Another advantage is the loan terms are often found in short-term times usually 7 days to 60 days. As a borrower, you get a quick, easy loan. As an investor, you get huge returns on investments in short periods.

One of the older ones that still has quite a lot of use is the Btcjam is more traditional that borrowers post their loan and sellers just bid how much they wish to contribute.

Of course, one must be careful using these services as defaulting does exist like any loan system and it would be incredibly difficult to collect on an international user.