what is bitcoin

What is a bitcoin address block?

A bitcoin address is a unique identifying alphanumeric code that represents where one can send/receive bitcoin. This is considered irreversible, so one must use caution with a bitcoin address. A good way to think of a bitcoin address is like a physical address to mail a check. once you have mailed the check, it’s in transit and gone.

When one refers to a bitcoin address block, or block address, one could speculate the question is both what is a bitcoin address and what is a blockchain.

The bitcoin address is the sending and receiving addresses. These addresses, working together, make up a bitcoin transaction. Bitcoin transactions are recorded in the blockchain, which is a public ledger made up of all bitcoin transactions ever used. https://blockchain.info is a public-accessible website that shows the history of all bitcoin transactions, the appropriate addresses, and also functions as allowing individuals to open bitcoin wallets.

Bitcoin wallets are a place you can hold your bitcoins digitally. if using blockchain.info, make sure you are on a secure connection and using https.