Bitcoin Investment: Scam or Real? Proof of Payout

In Bitcoin BTC Mining, Bitcoins by coincollectingenterprises0 Comments Bitcoin Investment: Scam or Real? is advertising that it pays out 10% returns daily on your bitcoin investment. Is real or a scam? That is the question investors wish to know. Proof of payout for the model is key to knowing the truth.

To save you the trouble of the answer: It IS a scam. BUT please continue to read on: proof of payout

Here is the start of proof of payout:
bitlake payment proof

Personally testing this site out with real money, of course, in the form of bitcoin. The total deposit/investment is 0.27051444 bitcoin. The account was started August 15th, 2017. Several deposits from the start to now have been made. The earnings are 0.01756937 bitcoin so far, which is correct based upon date of deposits.

There is an active account balance of 0.00194170 bitcoin. This balance is referencing earnings that have accumulated and are available for withdrawal or redeposit. Note that if I, as the investor, do nothing, then I make no money on the earnings in the account balance with

Proof of the bitcoin deposit history in

bitlake bitcoin deposit

So far, so good. is paying out as promised.

Is a ponzi scheme?

Is a ponzi scheme? Maybe. We are not sure. It is very possible. Especially because investors can not withdrawal the initial principal investment/deposit. And 10% daily returns is seemingly near impossible to continue in a stable fashion. Alternatively, could also legitimately be heavily mining, speculative trading, and using trading bots. It does not matter as long as you invest only what you are okay with losing and withdrawal your earnings to match your principal investment.

However, if the company survives for 11 days since your initial deposit, you can not lose money if you withdrawal 100% of all earnings. We strongly advise to only deposit bitcoin you are 100% okay with losing on day one. And, of course, be prudent about withdrawaing your earnings until your principal is back in your hands in your own bitcoin wallet. All remaining money is therefore risk-free and you can reinvest as you wish.

Reinvest for Compounding Daily Interest

Investors can reinvest for compounding daily interest. Meaning, you redeposit your earnings to increase your deposit size to, in turn, increase your earning size. Of course, investors should first work to withdrawal their principal balance to reduce risk.

How to make a deposit in

Do not forget that, once past the 11th day mark, any money in the account balance not redeposited makes zero money! You can redeposit it using them make a deposit link and selecting to deposit from your account balance as seen below.

bitlake how to deposit

If you are curious to learn more and appreciate third party posting on this bitcoin investing program, please use our below Bitlake Referral link:

This link actually goes to a Facebook page that aims to only post REAL earnings and investment sites for bitcoin.

Bitlake Scam: The Truth and


Did you enjoy the above? That was all a lie. Well, partly. The numbers were faked. The information to sell you on the idea of joining Bitlake because, as a referral, we would make money. The catch? You’d lose money if you signed up because Bitlake is only accepting deposits and not paying out any bitcoin

Your status of a withdrawal is in permanent holding. has not given payments out since August 18, 2017, nearly five days ago.

On top of that, the Ambis site stopped paying out the same day and the new site, showed up. See our referral link: Click it to look. Do not give up money unless you like to throw it away.

Once again, that link is not going to go to the real Thunderbit page, it will take you to a the Facebook group page. Thunderbit showed up one day after Bitlake went down.

It seems to us, is a scam too.

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