Cryptonex ICO Bitcoin Early Access

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Cryptonex ICO Bitcoin Early Access

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The Cryptonex ICO early access with bitcoin is now open. ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings) are in an investment hype. Cryptonex is an intriguing new coin.

Early access registry: Cryptonex ICO early access link


Cryptonex platform was developed as an international enterprises and is based on the blockсhain technology. It is to attract capital and is employed in the financial model of cryptofinancing via an ICO.

Cryptonex utilizes blockchain technology to speed up development of co-participation economics. The goal is to solve the sphere’s problems by attracting a significant number of previously unclaimed people that do not have ease of access for financial purchases via globalization. The system is designed to be safe by being based on blockchain technology and is protected against unauthorized access.

Users can convert fiat money to any cryptocurrencies and tokens, as well as spend cryptocurrency with the help of bank cards and mobile applications with “contactless” payments.

Cryptonex was developed as an open source code platform and its ticker is CNX It will officially be off ICO and on exchanges as early as October or November 2017.

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