Coin Dealer’s Bulk Buy Distribution Network Program

Are you a coin dealer? We offer a Coin Dealer’s Bulk Buy Distribution Network Program.

It’s free to join and no hidden catches.

In short, we offer wholesale, bulk discounted pricing: Our lives are easier with less work. If you do the sales, you should make the money. Therefore, coin dealers buy larger quantities cheap from us, and gain bigger margins at their stores, whether be brick and mortar or online.

Typically, shipping methods are freight services to your door. In addition, some product types, like copper pennies, can be blind freight drop shipped direct to your customer (with payment in advance).

Customers will enjoy the same product. Furthermore, you enjoy not having to pay additional freight charges.

Coin Dealer Coins Available

Coin dealer coins available for our distribution network pricing fall into the categories of both bullion and numismatic. For instance, see below for what is currently available.

Bullion Coin

Bullion coin available for Coin Dealer distribution:

  • Copper Pennies by the ton
  • Nickels by the ton
  • Denominations typically available in circulation
  • Freight shipping orders typical look like the following:

    coin dealer buy bulk pennies

    Numismatic Coin

    Numismatic coin available for Coin Dealer distribution:

  • 2017 “P” Philadelphia Pennies
  • – very limited stock, boxed to order.

  • 2017 Denver Nickels
  • Great care is taken with numismatic coins:

    coin dealer bulk buy numismatic pennies / nickels

    The program is open to both coin dealers large and small. However, we operate on a first-come, first-serve basis. And, though we do try to update this page regularly, not all products are available at all times.

    Coin dealers are suggested to contact us with their interests via email: