How Much Does Copper Sell For 2012

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How Much Does Copper Sell For 2012


current copper priceClick Copper Chart to Enlarge,

This chart shows you, in real time updates, the exact value of copper price on the market.

The pricing is sourced from which is a great website for viewing current and historical commodity prices.


Copper sells for different price amounts based on two main factors: The form your copper is in (market recognition) and the purity of that copper (usefulness in manufacturing).

The more market recognition and higher purity of your copper, the higher the initial investment cost. The key is to find a balance of market recognition and purity that meets your investment needs.

To better understand copper pricing and how much copper sells for, here are three prime examples:


.999 Copper Bars



Copper Bars


Copper bars that are of .999 purity come in many various shapes and sizes. Many copper bar sellers imprint their copper bars with various markings or stampings to attempt to show an increased value. A .999 copper bar, no matter the stamping, has only the value that a .999 copper bar is traded for based on its copper content.

.999 copper bars are traditional investments as industrial-grade and commercially ready for use. Traditional investments make for easier investment disposal as an exit strategy, however, fetch a much higher premium (AKA fees) to purchase.

To take advantage of .999 pure copper bars based on copper content rather than various unnecessary stamps and markings, you can buy right here:

.999 Copper Bars


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.999 Copper Scrap



Copper Scrap


The term scrap has a negative connotation as waste. Waste makes one think of trash, therefore eluding that scrap is worthless material. This is far from true. .999 copper scrap has many positive elements to it that make it more useful than copper bars.

.999 copper scrap is naturally just as pure as .999 copper bars with the added benefit of being in smaller pieces. By being in much smaller pieces, copper scrap, unlike copper bars, can be more easily melted and refined for manufacturing use based on individual needs. Meaning, a bar is a solid object. Copper scrap is already broken down into pieces based on exact quantities needed.

The advantages of use lead to higher premiums, though generally not as high as .999 traditional copper bars. .999 copper scrap makes for a great copper investment or various smaller copper projects. You can take advantage of .999 copper scrap right here:


.999 Copper Scrap


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.950 Copper Pennies



Copper Pennies


Copper pennies (made of 95% pure copper) offer a unique method of investing in copper below normal copper prices because it has high market recognition and purity, yet due to political realities, cannot be melted. This means you can buy copper pennies below copper spot price as a medium to long term investment in the copper industry.

Unlike copper bars and copper scrap which hold higher premiums for their traditional investment use, copper pennies cannot be melted down due to U.S. laws. That means a prudent copper investor can buy these copper pennies much cheaper than their copper value to hold onto for the long-run. This holds four main benefits:

  • Instant value: copper value increase upon first purchase (paying significantly less than the actual copper value).

  • Copper value: Same benefit of increasing in value along with copper price just like copper bars and copper scrap.

  • Market recognition: Copper pennies are easily recognized and known for their exact .950 purity.

  • Floor insurance value: A copper penny is always worth, at the very least, one penny. Therefore copper pennies hold both a copper commodity value and currency value.

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