How to Sell Copper Pennies

How to Sell Copper Pennies


We get many inquiries and requests for information on how to sell copper pennies. What we will not do is give away our operational procedures. What we will do is give bits and pieces of advice that may help you decide if selling copper pennies is right for you.

After all, how to do something first stems from if you should do something.

Ever heard of ‘Location, Location, Location’ in terms of real estate? For copper pennies, it is:

‘Price, Price, Price’

If you aren’t sure about pricing, it may be very advantageous to search copper penny auctions and pricing via Ebay. Here is a link to a page on our site with listings which will open a new window in your browser:

copper penny
Ebay Copper Penny Auctions


Now that you have an idea of pricing possibilities, you simply have to note and accept the following:

Copper pennies are simply not a flat rate. The pricing is sporadic from lows and highs that can yield vast benefits to buyers and sellers if the timing is correct in their favor. Yes, in general, prices are on the rise, however, just like in the metals industry, the price will change with market supply and demand fluctuations.

As a seller, it is critical to remember how pricing and turnover work. Just like in a normal market situation, a seller can simply hold onto their product to wait for higher pricing during fluctuations in pricing. Though this means that the seller is also holding the risk of an opportunity cost loss to already have sold the copper pennies at a lower price to sell more quickly for faster turnover.

This all probably seems quite obvious. But it’s easy to get wrapped up in the idea of something without careful consideration to the risk. Getting involved in selling copper pennies means careful consideration to risk versus reward as far as sell quickly lower price vs seller slower higher price.

The decision is ultimately up to you. Just remember that the last person standing with copper pennies when the penny is eventually eliminated will be the one to gain the most benefit. If your profits now offset that risk of holding for later, sell sell sell. If your ability to sell is not yielding the profits you desire, it may be time to consider holding for a longer time.

Finding yourself torn between selling or holding copper pennies? When in doubt, do both! There’s absolutely no harm (in fact, it’s quite brilliant) to sell copper pennies and convert your profits into holdings.

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  1. LCA says:

    I can’t say that I truly understood copper pennies as a market before. I just assumed a penny was a penny. Obviously I need to do some more research

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