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Industrial Copper Punchings

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Industrial Copper Punchings

Copper Scrap .999 Pure Copper

Copper Punchings from post-USA manufacturing use usually get sent to refineries to be re-processed into pure copper bars. Why does this happen?

Copper bars sell for more than the copper punchings. Interestingly enough, copper punchings yield a great way to diversify your copper investments into more manageable, smaller pieces suitable for low-value barter trades.

Regardless of your reasoning for an interest in copper punchings, the key is to buy quality for cheap. After all, .999 copper is .999 copper regardless of its form.

If you need bars for practical industrial use, that’s the way to go. But if you’re simply looking to hold onto copper for investment purposes, punchings may be a unique and innovative solution for you by intercepting the punchings post-use but pre-refinery.

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