Cash for Gold: Good or Bad Idea?


So you want to sell gold for cash, generally known as stores that offer ‘cash for gold’ to the general public.

Here’s some general guidelines and tips on cash for gold places:

(1) Look up the price of gold today before you do anything else.

(b) Remember that tangible gold price is different than stock market gold price. Often physical gold is worth quite a bit more than the actual price of stock market gold price.

(2) What type of tangible, or physical and real, gold do you have to sell for cash? 14k? 24k? Gold jewelry? Gold coins or bars?

(3) Did you know that most cash for gold retail stores in person can make an entire day’s profits on just one sale? That’s how big the spread between their buy gold price and sell gold price really is based on market gold prices. Know the sell value of your gold items before selling.

(4) We offer gold bullion price comparison links (see Price comparison drop down menu above in the menu bar) to search one of the most useful marketplaces for researching the value of what you have for sale: Selling gold on eBay.

(a) Why is eBay such a great place to research the sale price of gold? Because there are easily thousands of sellers attempting to sell tangible gold in one exchange market. Therefore, one can get a good idea of competitive market bids on gold price.

Save time and search eBay for gold via the external link below (goes directly to website):


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