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Copper Bar Shipping

We usually ship within 5-7 business days upon receipt of full payment and correct shipping information.

All purchases ship secured and insured.

International Purchases accepted in accordance with U.S. law and Continental U.S. mainland shipping only.


Copper Bar Photographs

The copper bars are .999 pure copper and are of various shapes and sizes. The copper bars you see in the photographs on the scale are similar to but not the exact copper bars you will receive. The photographs are to help illustrate the approximate look of the copper bars and to show that we make sure you receive your full ordered weight amount by over-weighing.


Copper Bar Disclaimer

All copper bars are considered U.S.A. products having been acquired from U.S.A. copper bar manufacturing companies, processed, and cut within the United States.

International Purchases currently are not avialable.

All copper bars are mill certified verified and are considered pure bar drops.

Pure bar drops have various shapes and sizes and may have holes in them from actual real-life manufactured use. As a result, pure copper bars purchased here are more cost effective to you than other pure copper bars elsewhere and are sold by weight, not dimensions, to ensure you receive all pure copper and the full weight value of your purchase.

All sales are final and non-refundable.



Pure .999 Copper Bar Investing

Welcome! We provide you with the ability to buy copper bars for your copper investing needs. Copper is known as the leading base metal with strong global-use dependancy creating serious demand worldwide.

The reasoning for providing .999 copper bars, as an addition to our copper penny investing options, is to create a wider diversification and investment option to the general public.

.999 pure copper bars of industrial commercial grade quality are an ideal copper investment for short-term holdings and practical use in today’s market. Medium to long-term copper holdings are better suited for the unique nature of U.S. copper pennies at 95% copper purity.

This is because copper bars trade over copper spot price for their .999 purity and ‘ready now’ use in society while U.S. copper pennies trade below copper spot price as a longer term copper investment that cannot be accessed for practical use due to legal restrictions.

Both copper bars and U.S. copper pennies have very unique benefits and you can buy copper bars or buy copper pennies based on your individual investment needs.

Our .999 pure copper bars have zero gimmicks associated with them. Meaning, there are no stamps, markings, or various other additions that mark up the price for no actual commodity investing reason. By eliminating the stamp processing, the price remains lower than other similarly offered copper bars that reflect higher pricing for those stamps and markings.

All copper bars listed below are made and cut in the United States, using American machines. Material certification verified.


Price Guide:

U.S. Pure .999 Copper Bars 10 Pounds


.999 pure copper

Copper Bars 10 Pounds
1 box
10 pounds pure copper bars of various sizes and shapes. Industrial grade ready with a purity of .999. All copper bars are .999 pure considered copper scrap for use as you please.




U.S. Pure .999 Copper Bars 50 Pounds


.999 pure copper

Copper Bars 50 Pounds
1 box
50 pounds pure copper bars of various sizes and shapes. Industrial grade ready with a purity of .999. All copper bars are .999 pure considered copper scrap for use as you please.
Your 50 pounds of copper bars will be broken down into 5 individual 10 pound approximate bags for easy transporting and storage.




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