U.S. Copper Pennies
$1,000 Face Value 680 Pounds

680 pounds copper pennies

680 pounds of 95% pure copper



buy $1000 in pennies


People love this order amount. It’s very aggressively priced in a size quantity that is large enough to make a good investment into the copper penny investing field. At the same time, being 10 boxes by mail, you may wish to have the order split in two mailings so it is more easily managed when receiving. Feel welcome to contact us after purchasing with your mailing preferences. Otherwise we will make the decision on sending at once or splitting up the order over a few days. Picking up this 680 pounds of copper pennies is a very wise decision to hedge inflation and capitalize on below copper spot pricing.

Penny Specifications


  • Weight: Approximately 680 pounds

  • Coins: Approximately 100,000 copper pennies

  • Coin Bags: 20 bags

  • Boxes Mailed: 10 box