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    copper price



    Bulk Multi Tons
    U.S. Copper Pennies


    multi tons of 95% pure copper

    There are 294,000 pennies in one full ton of copper pennies

    And 5,880,000 in a full freight truckload of copper pennies

    See photographs below for examples of one ton of copper pennies and a full truckload that you could own:

    multi tons copper pennies

    multi tons copper pennies

    ton copper pennies

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    Want a larger quantity of copper pennies (2 tons+) and wondering why we don’t have larger amounts of copper pennies listed in bulk? That’s because we wouldn’t be doing you justice listing it casually on our website.

    When your investment needs are this size, it is time to discuss what your individual needs are as a person.

    In addition, multi-ton purchases of copper pennies means you will definitely save money between cost of the coin itself as well as shipping costs overall.

    Call or email us to discuss a game plan to make your copper penny investing goals a reality.

    The Math


    One ton equals 2000 pounds which is approximately $2,940.
    Ballistic Bags are piece counted and weighed to approximately 1 ton.
    Crate shipments with individual coin bags available at special request.

    Save on Shipping


    The best part about buying 1 ton plus is that the cost savings are huge, particularly when it comes to shipping in both time, labor, and efficiency.

    Please note that you can save money on one ton, however, there are significant savings when shipping 3+ tons on the same truck.

    It’s really simple logic. The more you fit on the truck, the cheaper it is to ship because you are maximizing the efficiency of space and time.

    Destination Mobility

    For freight orders, ballistic bags are movable with a forklift and are on pallets to be movable by a pallet jack. Boxes with coin bags can be utilized for a higher cost due to more coin and the intense amount of additional labor needed. If boxes and bags are desired:

    The box we ship your copper pennies in is a sturdy, wooden crate that is palletized for easy transportation.

    Inside the box, the copper cents are piece counted to 5015 heavy-duty coin bags which weigh approximately 34 pounds each. These coin bags are easily manageable to be lifted by a person one at at time.

    This allows for maximum transportation ease where the coin can be moved entirely as a crated investment, or individually by hand, one bag at at time, if need be.


    Penny Disclaimer

    Do Not Melt

    CC Enterprises LLC does not encourage the melting of coins for their value (at least not yet). As of January 3, 2007, it is illegal to do so under U.S. Law Title 31, Subtitle IV, Chapter 51, Subchapter II, Sec. 5111. Please feel welcome to review the laws on the Office of the Law Revision Counsel web site by clicking here for general rules and the revisions here. Here is another Source as well.

    CC Enterprises LLC will not conduct business with any person, business, or entity that engages in illegal activities. No exceptions.

    CC Enterprises LLC does encourage copper penny investors to do due diligence in learning all aspects of coin collecting, and the vast benefits surrounding coins and metal values. Once it is legal to melt, we respectfully encourage you to do what you feel is in your legal best interest to maximize returns.

    American Numismatic Association

    Coin Collecting Enterprises BBB Business Review