Copper Nickel Investing


For some information on nickel investing, feel welcome to read our sections on why buy nickels and nickel investing.

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Copper Nickel Price Guide:

U.S. Copper Nickels $200 Face Value


44 pounds of 75% pure copper and 25% nickel

Invest in copper nickels one bag of nickels at a time to capitalize on your low risk copper investment. Skip the bank box rolls and have bags directly mailed to you. No need to crack open rolls when you can have them wrapper free.



nickel copper

*Better Value*

U.S. Copper Nickels $1,000 Face Value


220 pounds of 75% pure copper and 25% nickel

Perfect middle-ground cupro nickel investment via U.S. nickels as a 75% copper 25% nickel bullion investment.


$221 per $200
face value


buy copper nickels


*Best Value*

U.S. Copper Nickels $2,000 Face Value


440 pounds of 75% pure copper and 25% nickel

Ideal for the copper nickel investor looking to pick up easy to transport and hoard nickels. Whether hunting silver nickels or storing for a great copper investment, this order is a big win for you. Our nickel bags come directly from the bank to you sealed and unsearched. You never know what you could find searching through. And no matter what you do, you have a great currency value backed copper investment.


$219.00 per $200
face value


buy copper nickels

*Investment Grade Value*

U.S. Copper Nickels Investing by the Ton


Tons 75% pure copper and 25% nickel

Meant for the serious investor of large-scale nickel investing. Forget merchant fees and small orders. Contact Us for individual pricing based on your exact investment size needs and shipping location.

This is a limited time product based upon availability of nickels given the potential change in metal composition.


$210* per $200 face value*

*must buy at least 1.1 ton ($10,000 face value, 2,200 pounds), take freight shipping, and pay by wire transfer

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(302) 265-3677


Pay by wire transfer and we’ll subtract out all of the merchant fees we would have incurred to reduce your price, passing the savings to you.

Pick up locally and eliminate all shipping charges!

Local pick up requires purchases of $10,000 face value or greater.

Contact us for details.


Nickel Bags

Do you want rolled nickels in boxes? This is possible, but more costly. Why? Because when ordering coin, the charges are per item. A nickel bag contains twice the amount of one nickel box, therefore cutting costs down in half. Plus, twice the amount per item means half the work for you when moving the coin around. The nickel bags stack just as nicely and cost less. That’s a real win for you, us, and nickel investing.


Nickel Metal Composition Change

There is big news for nickel investors! Legislation has been proposed in Congress to change the nickel metal composition from mostly copper to become steel nickels. Right now, all nickels (minus the silver war nickels from the early 1940s) are copper nickels (75% copper). If the metal composition of the nickel changes, sourcing for nickels becomes harder and costly, making now the optimal time to buy nickels in bulk. Proof of value in nickels is here. A law change to change the composition of the nickel means that the U.S. government recognizes the value of copper.

If you want the best pricing possible without shipping cost (if you can pick up) or merchant fees (pay by wire transfer), contact us for details. Please include the face value quantity of nickels you wish to buy for your nickel investment and your desired time frame. To learn more about how the law changes will effect nickel investing, read about the nickel composition change to steel nickels.