Wheat Cents

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Wheat cents are the up-and-coming rare coin in relatively common circulation today. The ability to deduce value in the future is normally difficult. However, in the case of wheat cents, this future value is economically sound.

Eventually, pennies will no longer be minted. The next course of action will be removing pennies from circulation. As time progresses, the laws surrounding melting pennies should inevitably change as the penny no longer functions as legal tender (read about the current penny laws forbidding melting of pennies).

The interesting part about this is that wheat cents are made of 95% copper and 5% zinc just like the regular copper penny (with a negligible amount of tin). So when the law changes, and copper pennies start being widely and massively melted down for their copper content, wheat cents will inevitably disappear along with the copper pennies. So what does this mean?

Wheat cents will no longer be in circulation, no longer be easily obtained, and the amount of wheat cents will diminish dramatically between people collecting them and others unintentionally melting them down. When rare items become significantly rarer, their value rises exponentially. This is basic supply and demand. To assist our coin collector customers and copper penny investors with capitalizing on wheat cents, we offer unsearched wheat cents for sale through our sister website. Supplies of our wheat cents are highly limited based on our very strict purchase requirements so availability may change from time to time. Explore our current offer by clicking the link below for products available and pricing:


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