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Coin cleaners, like E*Z*EST Coin Cleaner 5oz. jar (Qty = 1 Jar), have been around for quite some time. Modern day coin cleaners have a variety of low-cost methods to clean your coins with ease. However, one must do research to make sure the value of their coin, after cleaning, doesn’t deteriorate. Or, for that matter, has the desired results. Personally, if cleaning copper pennies to create a beautiful shine with zero interest in any numismatic destruction because the coins were so dirty/beat-up, I use the following combination:

Coin/Rock Tumbler

Dual rock tumbler that can handle 6 pounds. This rock tumbler is great. I essential use it as a coin tumbler. It does the same job as a tumbler labeled as a coin tumbler (see here for example: Coin Cleaning Tumbler Kit) yet is cheaper and handles a bigger load with two drums instead of one. The one I own is on the left. Compare to the one on the right. To be fair, the one on the right is more expensive, but also has a TON of terrific reviews. Not sure why the image doesn’t load properly, but would rather link you to the right product than a different one just to get the picture to display here. Check them out below:

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Brass Cleaner (Corn)

Of course, you still have to add the appropriate ratio of water and an agent to clean the coins themselves. I prefer “corn pellets” that one would buy for brass cleaning. After all, the copper cents to be cleaned are brass. Below is a decent enough brass cleaning corn product with plenty of reviews to back it up. Now, if it comes in a bag, you absolutely will want some form of container to put the corn pellets into once you open it. Last thing you want is a complete mess. I use simple plastic bins like this one Sterilite 18828012 6-Quart See-Through Latch Box with White Lid and Peacock Latches so it’s easy to carry, secured with latches so I know it won’t accidentally spill everywhere, and is see-through so I actually remember what’s in when on my shelving units. Yes, I use more than one, but I’d have more and carry less weight for a few extra dollars than lug around a heavy container and risk dropping it. Plus I can buy cheaper pellets buying in bag rather than containers and simply transfer so I get my money back over time. See below for the corn pellets:

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Rather than try to sway our readers one way or another, we decided to make it easy and provide links to hundreds of reviews on various coin cleaners for sale. See below and use the various links here to browse different kind of cleaners, their pros and cons through reviews (once you click their link), as well if they’ll have the desired effect.

Basic coin cleaners:

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