Copper Nickels $10,000 Face Value 2200 Pounds Bullion


Nickels are the lower risk form of metals investing while diversifying into the 75% copper, 25% nickel composition. Buy your nickels today before the composition changes, making it more expensive to purchase, or they are eliminated altogether.

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Due to the size of this order, there will be necessary lead time involved to secure your order from the A to Z process of organizing, transporting, and receiving on your end.

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Buy copper nickels by the ton made of 75% copper and 25% nickel. Each increment is 1.1 tons or $1,000 face value of nickels.

Nickels are the conservative buy to copper pennies as the weight of the coin is greater than a copper penny so there is more metal, but the face value means your cost per coin is greater (five times so).

Of course, there is no need to sort nickels by metal content [yet] so the premium is less percentage-wise. You also have a safer base floor value in your investment given the five-cent face value.