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Avoid Short-Term Copper Futures Risk

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Copper Pennies Beat Inflation

Avoid Short-Term Copper Futures Risk


Copper prices, like other metals, fluctuate in price. This can be due to a wide birth of reasons from world demand, internationally imposed tariffs, bull & bear markets, to controversial corporate commodities price manipulation.

There’s a key to avoiding the short-term risk of copper futures investing. Rather than bidding on copper price in the stock market on a prediction of price rising or falling, you can buy physical copper significantly below copper market price so the risk of your investment is heavily avoided.

The key is investing in copper as an inflation beating commodity that is a base metal rather than precious metal. As a base metal, copper is known to be a necessary component in industries such as construction and machinery as well as other industries like electronics. As the world’s third most well used base metal, you have a safe long-term bet that copper will rise in value.

Understanding the value in a base metal demand and use proves the value in investing. To avoid the futures risk of short-term price fluctuations, invest in copper pennies below copper spot price. Copper pennies, minted by the United States Mint, are made of 95% copper and 5% zinc, making their intrinsic copper metal value over 2.5 times greater than their face value.

Of course, you could invest in copper bars, copper rounds, or other investment-grade forms of copper. As an investor (investment buyer), you are looking for the highest return in relation to safety for your wealth (risk versus reward).

As an investment products seller (investment product seller does not mean your investment broker but rather the company that is selling the product your broker suggests buying), coining investment terms surrounding investment products that are more expensive (cost more for less product) yields greater profit and return for the investment products seller. Therefore, investment grade copper products will be more expensive to the investor.

Your goal is to find the best investment product that suits your needs. Copper pennies are the ideal copper investment for wealth security in commodities. The best part about investing in copper pennies is you gain clear market recognition because pennies are easily distinguishable and recognized with guaranteed 95% copper purity by the United States Mint. Your copper pennies even hold their own insurance policy on their value. After all, a penny is worth at least penny.

Invest in copper pennies. Do some research on pricing before buying. Most importantly:

Contact Us for investing in copper pennies for a serious financial portfolio advantage over short-term copper futures risk. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have. Give us a call at (302) 265-3677.


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