Copper Pennies

Nickels per Pound

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Nickels per Pound

A nickel weighs 5 grams exactly when newly minted. The metal composition of a nickels is actually not mostly nickel but rather 75% copper and 25% nickel. This means there is 3.75 grams of copper and 1.25 grams of nickel in each coin.

How many Nickels in a Pound

There are 91 nickels per pound. When wanting to calculate how many nickels per pound exactly, it would be 90.7184 nickels. 1 pound equals 453.592 grams. One nickel per 5 grams. 453.592 / 5.00 = 90.7184. Rounding up since you would not want to cut a nickel to the exact measurement, you get 91 nickels per pound.


How many Nickels per bag

There is $200 face value in bank bag of nickels. Since there is 40 nickels in a dollar, that means 40 X 200 = 8,000 nickels in each bank bag of nickels.