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How to Invest in Copper Bars

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How to Invest in Copper Bars


Copper Bar Seller & Material Certification

Know your seller. It is traditionally accepted that copper bars are to be sold with .999 purity of copper content. A seller should be willing and able to provide a material certification (document proving copper content from mill origination) to verify their copper bars are truly pure copper. In addition, you need to be able to trust that you will get what you expected.

Copper Bar Stamps and Marks


Copper Bar No Stamp

Copper bars are almost exclusively sold retail with various stamps, imprints, and marks to make the copper bar appear more valuable than it is.

You will see almost anything imaginable stamped. Most seller have their copper bars stamped from a sales strategy.

Sales strategies in copper bar stampings

are usually of images such as images of the Walking Liberty, Peace Dollar, Indian Head, Maple Leaf, and other well known images associated with numismatic sought coins.

The markings hold zero influence of the purity of the copper or value of the copper in the copper bar. Therefore, they are for decoration and searchability. Meaning, if someone types into an internet search engine like Google or Yahoo “Peace Dollar” then it is feasible that the copper bar with the Peace Dollar image on it may appear in results, increasing chances of a sale.

There is no metal alloy benefit to copper bars with decorative designs on them. In fact, the price a buyer pays increases due to covering the cost of both the stamp and labor to imprint the stamp. This also holds the same truth if the copper bars are buffed to appear shinier than a copper bar would otherwise normally appear.

If you’re looking to buy decorative copper bars, an imprinted pure copper bar may be the way to go. However, if you simply want to invest in copper bars as a copper commodity, finding the most efficiently priced copper bars is the way to go to maximize your return on your copper investment.

Copper Bar Weight


A really intriguing factor in pricing copper bars is labor. To cut copper bars into exact 1 pound, 1 troy ounce, 1 ounce, 10 kilos weight is labor and time intensive. In fact, any specific weight cut is labor and time intensive and your price will reflect that. An alternative strategy is to receive copper bar pricing on copper bars that were error cuts during the manufacturing process of other finished copper products.

If the weight of two pure copper bars is the same, then a .999 pure copper bar incorrectly cut is worth the same as a .999 pure copper bar correctly cut.

The only difference is weight conformity. Meaning, individual bars won’t weigh round numbers, which is what is generally an accepted practice in the copper bar trading world.

Traditional Copper Bar Investing


Don’t like stepping outside the norm? Stick to traditional copper bar investing and buy copper bars with imprints and proper conformity in weight. Yes. You will pay a higher premium, but you will get shiny pretty copper bars.

If you simply want to invest in pure copper as a wealth preservation and investment tactic, then it may be time to break with tradition with cutting edge pricing. Time is money. Therefore, the time it takes to cut, buff, stamp, and price to incorporate any errors, a seller’s time will mean a buyer’s money.

Proof is in Copper Pricing


Our copper bar pricing on our website reflects exact-cut copper bar pricing. We do not stamp or buff to keep your price very low. However, we have access to hundreds upon hundreds of pounds of error cut .999 pure copper bars. This means that if you’re looking to invest in pure .999 copper at even cheaper rates, you can contact us with the size quantity in weight that you want and we can offer lower pricing.

It is true you won’t get special decorative designs, shiny buffing, or exact conformed bars that all weigh the same. But pure copper is pure copper.

If it is pure copper you want at under retail pricing, then all it takes is looking at the price of your copper bars to determine the value you’ll receive. Questions? Use the below link to contact us:

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