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CC Enterprises LLC deals in coins.

You should only use this website if you fully understand the risks associated with coins, can bear the loss of any money invested. You should not deal in coins unless you understand the nature of the products, and the risks and costs associated with trading these products. You should be satisfied that the products are suitable for you, in light of your circumstances and financial position.


CC Enterprises LLC reserves the right to make changes to any part of the Website and to add to or change these at any times.


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The coincollectingenterprises.com website is the intellectual property of CC Enterprises LLC.

CC Enterprises LLC prides itself on providing accurate, well educated information based on facts, events, and credible sources. That being said, CC Enterprises LLC and any persons associated with CC Enterprises LLC do not and will not take any responsibility for the misuse of any information or products obtained from our website or business.

CC Enterprises LLC does not encourage the melting of coins for their value. As of January 3, 2007, it is illegal to do so under U.S. Law Title 31, Subtitle IV, Chapter 51, Subchapter II, Sec. 5111. Please feel welcome to review the laws on the Office of the Law Revision Counsel web site by clicking here for general rules and the revisions here. Here is another Source as well.

CC Enterprises LLC will not conduct business with any person, business, or entity that engages in illegal activities. No exceptions.

CC Enterprises LLC does encourage copper penny investors to do due diligence in learning all aspects of coin collecting, and the vast benefits surrounding coins and metal values.

CC Enterprises LLC reserves the right to change pricing at any time for any reason at the sole discretion of CC Enterprises LLC, whether listed on this website, orally communicated, sold through another medium or any other fashion. Pricing is only guaranteed once payment has been successfully received with correct shipping information.

All sales and orders are final at the discretion of CC Enterprises LLC. CC Enterprises LLC reserves the right to cancel any order with full refund to purchaser for any reason and at the sole discretion of CC Enterprises LLC.

We guarantee the possibility of rare penny finds of a multitude of different errors. We can’t guarantee which orders contain rare coins, how many rare coins, or which rare coins because we do not search the coin.

The term unsearched is a very loaded term and means something different to every individual based on what they are looking for, their background in finding various types of coins, etc. Therefore, consider all coin “as is” and of bullion value or as titled value with any potential benefits of the concept of unsearched value added not included in the price. Contact us for any clarification needs on this point.

Any Any articles or pages written on this website are purely speculation and view points of CC Enterprises LLC. Particular monetary values are associated based on views at the given time the articles was written and do not reflect future dated values since the origination of the written articles.

The information in an article or page may be dated to the creation date of said article or post.

Any website linked to via coincollectingenterprises.com that leads to a third party website is regulated through a third party  system (not us) and is clicked at your own risk.

CC Enterprises LLC is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program and eBay Partners Network, affiliate advertising programs designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com and eBay.com. CC Enterprises LLC utilizes these features primarily in market pricing transparency to assist potential buyers with market fairness.

Any websites linked to or from CC Enterprises LLC’s website do not necessarily express or reflect the same or similar views, interests, and/or opinions of those as CC Enterprises LLC. CC Enterprises LLC does not have control over other websites and does not take any liability or responsibility for other websites.

CC Enterprises LLC makes readily available various internet-based links to laws pertaining to copper pennies. CC Enterprises LLC and any associated party of CC Enterprises LLC, shall not be held liable for providing or not providing any appropriate laws pertaining to any purchase from CC Enterprises LLC or activity with CC Enterprises LLC. CC Enterprises LLC advises that you seek legal counsel before making any purchase associated with copper pennies, if deemed necessary by purchaser, and, purchaser, by making a purchase, accepts that purchaser has sought out any appropriate information pertaining to federal and state laws and has full understanding of all appropriate laws surrounding their purchase.

CC Enterprises LLC will only ship within the mainland United States. International purchases are allowed if the shipping destination is within the United States and will not be redirected internationally. CC Enterprises LLC is not liable for being provided with incorrect mailing information or postal service errors. The purchaser is 100% liable for providing correct information.

CC Enterprises LLC reserves the right to change pricing at any time for any reason at the sole discretion of CC Enterprises LLC, whether listed on this website, orally communicated, sold through another medium or any other fashion. Pricing is only guaranteed once payment has been successfully received with correct shipping information. All sales and orders are final at the discretion of CC Enterprises LLC. CC Enterprises LLC reserves the right to cancel any order with full refund to purchaser for any reason and at the sole discretion of CC Enterprises LLC.

U.S. copper pennies stopped being made in 1982 (with the rare few produced in 1983). This means that the copper pennies provided by CC Enterprises LLC are circulated coins. Numismatic quality cannot be guaranteed. We do not encourage any particular method of coin cleaning, as some techniques can actually reduce the value of a coin rather than increase its value. Aesthetics and numismatic values are not necessarily one in the same.

Please note that circulated coins, like all currency, should be handled with care to ones health. Coins are not altered in any fashion when CC Enterprises LLC obtains possession which means coins are not cleaned. We advise all necessary and appropriate safety methods for the health of yourself and those around you. Please keep them secure away from infants, children, and pets.

All of our copper pennies are sorted with machinery to assure the utmost accuracy and quality. That being said, just like humans, machines can make errors. Machine sorting is near 100% accurate. There will be additional copper pennies in each copper penny bag to accommodate the possibility of any negligible margin of error. This way you are ensured your full 34 pounds of copper pennies per bag.

Due to high-speed alloy sorting techniques, we have no idea how many Wheat Cents or Indian Heads, etc (if any) will be present as the tin content and other alloy material present may cause an unknown quantity to be off-sorted as a result. We hear back from many people of all sorts of found goodies. We just don’t want to promise something we can’t promise since we are mechanically sorting. We count our $50 face value bags to 5015 as a “just in case” measure. Ballistic bags are weighted to one ton.

All photographs on this website were taken by CC Enterprises LLC and are owned by CC Enterprises LLC unless otherwise cited, noted, or linked to an alternative source. You are welcome to link to and use any photos taken by CC Enterprises LLC as long as you clearly state credit to CC Enterprises LLC and provide a direct link back to our website as the source. Photographs are for illustrative purposes only in reference to products pages. If you do not wish to provide a link back to our site, please do not use our photographs as they are our property and like any photographer, we would like credit for our work. Thank you.

Your information will never be sold by CC Enterprises LLC. Your information will never be shared, unless required by law. Your shipping information (exclusively your mailing address) may be shared with our shipping facility and associated third party shipping company (IE: freight company or the United States Postal Service) only when and where necessary and appropriate to fulfill your purchase. Your payment information may be shared with necessary and appropriate third party payment processors that you have chosen to make payment to us as your exclusive choice in such payment method (ie: PayPayl, Bank, etc.) as appropriate to fulfill your purchase.

CC Enterprises LLC shall not be held liable for any tax implications, before, during, or after, pertaining to any purchases made from CC Enterprises LLC. Any tax situations arising from any purchase from CC Enterprises LLC is solely the responsibility of the purchaser to handle on their own, without any requirement for assistance or payment liability from CC Enterprises LLC or any party associated with CC Enterprises LLC. Purchase of any product from CC Enterprises LLC is an indication of taking responsibility for any tax implications arising from that purchase.

Return Policy

Due to the nature of selling unsearched coins, all sales are final.

We are very big advocates of due diligence. Multiple checks are done, from count to weight and visual inspection, to assure the correct product and weight is shipped to the correct buyer.

That being said, we appreciate the fact that human error can occur. Thus we accept returns under provable conditions of error on our part.

Contact us with any questions you have. We would be happy to answer as best we can.


Subscriptions may be canceled at our discretion for any reason at any time. Abuse of the subscription system to get better pricing without intent of maintaining the subscription may result in a permanent ban from purchasing products from us.


Becoming a Affiliate

Here you will find how affiliate Program works.

For each user coming to our marketplace by means of a link or a banner that you have advertised you can earn a provision equal to the agreed percentage on the purchase price of the first product bought by that user.

From your personal page you will receive an affiliate link (or referral link) that will be automatically generated from your username. You can paste it on your website or use banners with that link and advertise it on your website.

Any of your users coming to our store by means of that link and purchasing any product in our store, will grant you a commission on the purchase.

Affiliate percentage

The affiliate percentage for our products can be found here https://coincollectingenterprises.com/affiliate however, we do reserve the right to change this percentage, or end the affiliate program at any time.


An important section of the Terms and Conditions has to be devoted to cookies.

We use cookies to track users that reach our store by means of your affiliate link (or referral link). If your users do not allow or clear cookies, we will not be able to track your affiliate link and therefore we will not be able to pay you the provision.

You should also remember that cookies do reset either by user choice or automatically by the website either by time out or website development purposes or otherwise. If your users visit our marketplace, but they make a purchase only after this term, you cannot be entitled of the provision anymore.

Validity of right to provision

In order to be entitled to the provision, users that buy through your affiliate link must not be related to you, your company, your family, share a same household address, or similar relations.

In order to be entitled to the provision, users that reach our website shall neither have visited it before, nor have an account already set up.


“What happens if the buyer has come to by following two different affiliate links, my affiliate link and another person’s one?”

If users come to our marketplace through more than one affiliate link, the first one they access is to be held as the only one deserving the provision unless the cookies were discontinued from that link. For example, if one of your users reaches our marketplace through your link first, then once again through the affiliate link of another person, and only then purchases, you will be the one entitled of the provision for that purchase.


In this section you will find how payments of the provisions will be made.

Minimum threshold

Each provision you earn will be credited to your account, so you allow us to pay provisions to you and credit them to your account. You can require the payment of the credit in your account as soon as you reach the minimum amount of 50€.

Payment methods

We keeps your earnings safe until your payment is sent. The time and threshold required to send payment is at our sole discretion, however, will be reasonable.

Keeping your earnings

If for any reason we cannot pay your earnings, we will keep them safe, included the circumstances in which we do not have the correct payment data or we are not able to contact you using the contact data you gave us. We will keep your earnings safe also if you ask us to make the payment to a person or an institution and it cannot be done for any reason, whether for legal or banking restrictions.

Currency conversion

Any time we make a payment as affiliate, we are not responsible for currency conversion of your earnings from US Dollars into your preferred currency, nor are we responsible for any possible conversion costs that your financial institution might apply.


If any of the purchases related to your affiliate earnings is subject to refund or chargeback, we can at our discretion withdraw also the concerned commission from your Affiliate earnings.


What do I need to be paid the provisions?

You need to reach the minimum threshold of $10 USD in provisions and to have a PayPal account.

Will my earnings be paid automatically when I reach the minimum threshold of $10 USD?

At our discretion regarding timing, yes. We are not responsible for errors if your payment is not received due to your error such as incorrect paypal account entered/etc.

Protection of the users

  • You cannot do any act that could be confusing, misleading or deceptive for users, inter alias, confuse them about the fact that your website be managed or authorized by us (e.g. by emulating graphic elements from our website).
  • Our trademarks or domains or intellectual properties are property of us  and you cannot use them.
  • You cannot purchase a domain name, search engine keywords nor pay-per-click advertisements that use our trademarks or any possible variation of them, nor use texts that describe our products, unless you receive our official consent.
  • You cannot act against users in any form that is law violation, including spam, privacy, intellectual property violations, fraud, confusing actions for new users or links purposely made to deceive customers.
  • You cannot act in any way that be direct or indirect contravention of our Terms and Conditions, nor behaving in any way that does not conforms to our standards.

Fairness policy

We reserve the right to decide whether or not your use of the Affiliate Program complies with our Affiliate Program Terms or with our general Terms and Conditions. If we decide that your participation in the Affiliate Program does not comply, after official communication, we can withdraw your earnings and may disable your account.

The Affiliate Program is subject to a fairness and integrity policy that has to be respected, and that entitles us to consider revising for each unfair affiliate.

You are solely responsible for any tax or legal responsibilities arising from participating in the affiliate program and by registering, agree that you legally may participate in the affiliate program. You must be 18+ years of age to participate and registration is your confirmation you are of 18+ years of age.

We are pleased that you have read this entire document.

If you have any question you can always write to us here