About Us

We are local to Delaware, operating nationwide. Co-founded by professional individuals with years of experience in commodity and currency pricing, we focus entirely on preserving and growing wealth through the monetary and coinage systems. We accomplish this by providing the ability to enter and corner innovative metal markets at ideal pricing with U.S. copper pennies and more.
You deserve to secure your money with people with the same goals as yourself. Our Mission is to fight the policies of the largest, most powerful privately-owned bank in the United States of America: The Federal Reserve. We thrive to bring the money and wealth power in the U.S. back to the people of the United States, away from banks. The Federal Reserve, as a conduit of the International Bankers known as ‘Money Changers’, control us through the money system. This needs to change. In other words, we are taking coin collecting to a whole new level to conquer the out-of-control money system we live in with secured wealth outside of the banking system, thereby outside the reach of the global money powers.
Everyone can benefit from diversifying their financial portfolio. We work with Individuals, Businesses, Estates, Trusts, and Organizations locally and nationwide to provide strong, durable, secure, and inflation resistant assets. This is accomplished by providing the simultaneous ability to be invested in both the U.S. currency and commodity markets by utilizing the multi-value functions of the U.S. copper penny, U.S. silver coins, as well as other metals & precious metals.
Success is what we want for all. We all deserve the rights to happiness and financial prosperity. Contact us so we can work out the best way for you to defeat the bank-controlled money system, and conquer wealth.

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