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Copper Pennies Bullion

The U.S. copper penny is made of 95% copper creates the unique ability to protect and invest your money simultaneously in both the copper and currency markets as the copper weight is worth more than the penny as spending money.

Copper pennies are in the same unique historical time period similar to when the silver coins of the past were removed from circulation because their silver content was more valuable than their face value. Take advantage of copper pennies today. Click the product photograph to read more.

In the years we have been providing copper pennies to the public, sorting percentages have been going down, costs have been rising, and demand has outpaced supply. Copper pennies are not for everyone.

Who buys copper pennies? An investor/collector who sees the benefits of owning a real, tangible product that has three values:

1) Face value – your penny will be worth one cent as a floor value regardless of other values.

2) Copper value – your penny is a brass mixture 95% copper, 5% zinc which is a highly desired copper composition. This means a purchase is not just a penny, but rather copper pennies bullion due to the intrinsic value because of the copper it was made with that is greater than the face value and is tied to the copper market. The bullion in copper pennies bullion targets this metal composition value as the first and foremost value above the other values.

3) Numismatic value – Coin collectors love pennies. There are so many rarities, errors, and fun types of pennies/cents that collectors around the country seek. As copper pennies disappear from circulation, the supply of older pennies drops. Basic supply and demand economics suggest as supply drops, value increases. Just look at Indian Head pennies and Wheat cents.

How many copper pennies bullion to buy? Naturally, you should buy what is in your individual investment interest. From the standpoint of transparency, we have been overwhelmed with the amount of full, 20 ton truckloads of copper pennies, that these large-scale buys have tied up the majority of our sorting operations. If 20 tons of copper pennies isn’t for you, no problem. However, if you see the value, saw what happened to the Canadian copper penny value when it was eliminated just a few years ago, you may wish to reach out and ask questions about the logistics of buying 20 tons of copper pennies.