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Buy Canadian Copper Pennies – Before it’s too late!

By November 3, 2012August 16th, 20192 Comments

Buy Canadian Copper Pennies

Before it’s too late!

Canadian Copper Pennies

Canadian penny stockpilers have huge advantages over others for their stockpiling of Canadian copper pennies. Why? Because Canadian copper pennies yield a higher copper value than their face value – over 2x as much! – and Canada has officially announced they are eliminating the penny as an ongoing form of currency in Canada (Read more: Canada Eliminates Penny).

Why is this a big deal? Because a $50 face value (as of the date of this article) holds a weight of approximately 34 pounds and is worth in copper value $120. Every Canadian copper penny holds a value of about 2.4 cents each in copper.

Here’s the catch. It is still illegal to melt the Canadian copper pennies. Why? Because the Royal Canadian Mint is pulling copper pennies out of circulation. Their hope is Canadians holding onto their pennies will deposit them to the bank, which eventually end up back at the Mint so they can profit.

Is this fair? That’s up to you to decide. The point is simple:

Buy Canadian Copper Pennies: Ebay

Keep your Canadian copper pennies. If you don’t have any, you may wish to buy Canadian copper pennies. Here is a list of Ebay auctions you can explore for buying copper pennies from Canada:



Buy Canadian Pennies: Ebay

Don’t forget the basics of supply and demand. There is demand via coin collectors for Canadian pennies. Therefore, even the zinc Canadian pennies and steel Canadian pennies hold numismatic value! Since supply for these little one cent pennies is about to hit zero (meaning no more will be minted in Canada), you may wish to pick up all Canadian pennies. Here is a list of Ebay auctions you can explore for buying Canadian pennies in general:

Melt Canadian Pennies: Not Yet

Of course, we are not advocating melting Canadian pennies. We are, in fact, saying you should not melt pennies and should not do anything illegal. However, there is absolutely nothing wrong with hoarding Canadian pennies. Once the pennies in Canada have been pulled out of circulation and the melt law surrounding them becomes irrelevant, the laws pertaining to melting pennies is largely thought to be done away with at that point, giving you the ability to cash in big.

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