where to sell silver coins

In an ever-growing more complicated world of only gimmicks and stories, we strive to simplify the process.

We only sell what we have and only if it is accurate and the utmost quality. We believe in back to basics of customer service and coins.

Real people helping real people achieve their goals.

Reach out via our chat window or contact page and we'll be happy to help.

Coin Collecting Enterprises

A local, Delaware coin business, offering copper, silver, and numismatics nationwide.


We exclusively provide United States minted coins, assuring only the highest quality and correct purity coins from us to you


We only sell what we have in stock and only sell what we know matches the description of our products. No gimmicks, no stories. Just coins.


All coins are mechanically sorted to confirm what you ordered is exactly what you get with accuracy detection machinery.


We are happy to answer questions about our products and how to best make sure coins arrive safely from us to you. The personal touch is everything.