Unsearched Wheat Cents/Pennies

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Wheat cents/Wheat pennies will no longer be in circulation, no longer be easily obtained, and the amount of wheat cents will diminish dramatically between people collecting them and the cent being, eventually, eliminated. When rare items become significantly rarer, their value rises exponentially. This is basic supply and demand. To assist our coin collector customers and copper penny investors with capitalizing on wheat cents, we offer unsearched wheat cents.

To be clear: There are no “special stories” on these wheat cents. We are bulk penny bullion dealers, not numismatic. These are mostly wheat cents that our sorting machinery off-sorts by picking up on the impurities in wheat cents (primarily the tin). These are unsearched because we don’t have numismatic skill sets to search them. So we sell them in bulk so you may take advantage of a quality source of wheat cents. Supplies are limited and we do tend to become sold out (we were last sold out for approximately 2 years due to being bought out of everything we had and back orders).

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