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Silver Bullion Will be Gold on Steroids in Coming Rally

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Silver Bullion will be Gold on Steroids in Coming Rally

Well known expert on gold Jim Sinclair has publicly stated in a recent interview we are heading for a huge global market crash by the end of winter. Jim Sinclair is known for consistently ‘getting it right’ when it comes to predicting the price of gold since the 1970s. This video has made the quote, ‘Silver Will Be Gold On Steroids In Coming Rally’ advice many are taking seriously, including governments. Sinclair anticipates the start of this crash to be in September, but may stretch out further while various government agencies attempt to stave off an economic catastrophe.

But don’t take our explanation on what Jim Sinclair has to say about gold and silver as great investments. Watch the interview:

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Sometimes investing isn’t about researching what you feel is the best buy. Sometimes, investing is simply about seeing what big players like governments and private firms/banks are buying up in bulk. Precious metals like gold and silver are cheap. Sinclair states the downside risk is incredibly low and it appears governments agree if they’re stockpiling tons and tons.

Buy Silver Bullion while precious metals are still available like the 90% US silver coins. If Jim Sinclair is right, and the markets continue to crash, these precious metals might be bought up so quickly that even trying to find them at low prices, or even available at all, may become near impossible.

Hyperinflation (learn: What is Hyperinflation) would make holders of gold and silver bullion simply choose to hold onto their metals rather than sell for worthless cash.

In a hyper-inflating economy, one gets rich simply by not losing as much money as everyone else.

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