The value of wheat cents is quite a popular topic with many opinions and views. The key to understanding value is that it fluctuates not just based upon both supply and demand, yet also on the platform both sellers and buyers transaction through.

There are many places to buy wheat cents, including our website wheat cent section and sister site There are other online websites that sell wheat cents, however, not necessarily stating they are unsearched.

The most common place to buy wheat cents not from a website is simply on eBay. One can get lucky with good buys, though most are typically just as searched as other web sites tend to be already.

Here’s the problem though: There are not many places to sell wheat cents for most people. After all, most people are not coin dealers. Sure, you could contact us and offer to sell us wheat cents in bulk for whatever appropriate price you feel is right, but what other option do you have short of posting on eBay and hoping for the best?

Most websites that claim to post value of wheat cents tend to discuss very specific numbers. The value of wheat cents here will be described in terms of a guide for you to know what is the best route for selling your wheat cents based upon what you have on hand.

Browse our various wheat cent value sections for information pertaining to what makes the most sense for you.

You can also check out some quick search eBay auctions for bulk wheat cents here:

Bulk Unsearched Wheat Cents on eBay