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Cost to Make the Nickel 2012

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Cost to Make the Nickel 2012


According to the United States Mint 2011 annual report, it costs 11.18 cents to mint one individual nickel. That means it costs 2.236 times the actual face value of the five cent coin.

The nickel is made of 75% copper and 25% nickel. Because of this Cupronickel (copper-nickel) metal composition, the nickel has a greater metal value than face value, meaning, every nickel is worth more in its metal weight than its face value. Because of this fact, the U.S. made it illegal to melt down the nickel.

Copper Nickel Cost 2012

Even with these melt laws in place, prudent commodity investors and hedge funds are purchasing nickels as a medium to long term commodities Cupronickel investment.

Since the The Coin Modernization, Oversight, and Continuity Act of 2010 calls for a research group to identify metal alloy composition changes for various expensive coins to mint, it is highly anticipated the penny and nickel will be made of steel to reduce mint production cost.

When this metal composition change of the nickel occurs, investing in Cupronickel five cent coins will become significantly more expensive to incorporate infrastructure sorting costs to separate the newer steel nickels from the more valuable copper nickels.

In the meanwhile, nickels are disappearing from circulation from the simple $100 nickel box to the $1 million bulk investor. Because of this, more nickels are being minted by the millions upon millions to offset the loss in circulation. This process cannot and will not continue with a change.

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