How & Why to Invest in Copper Bullion

How to Invest in Copper Bullion


Commodities Investing

Forget investment grade copper with high premiums and copper rounds & copper bars selling for copper price plus a fee. There is an alternative that may surprise you:

The United States penny. A unique investment in the United States penny, specifically the ones from 1982 and older made of 95% pure copper, will yield huge results. Here’s why:

United States Dollar Has Lost 95% of its Value


dollar devaluation The U.S. Dollar is historically known to have a start value of when the Federal Reserve took control of it in 1913. Due to inflationary and political practices of printing massive amounts of currency (think “Quantitative Easing” strategies) is known to be worth less than 95% of its original value. As a paper currency, the dollar bill loses value and is pegged to the face value of what is own the paper.


Precious Metals and Copper


Historical and recent price gains have brought to public attention precious metal investing of gold and silver. An overlooked asset by many is copper.

Copper has huge demand in day-to-day manufactured items from automobiles, electronics, houses, and more. With inflation pushing metal prices up, world demand for copper use driving copper price up, and a devaluing U.S. dollar, copper is seen as a very durable and tangible safe haven for investing.

Better than Copper Stock


Coins are uniquely valued because they are made of metal and have an intrinsic value (a coin is worth its weight in the metal it is made of). Because of this, a copper penny made of 95% copper is worth over 2.5 times its face value in its metal value. This is because of the devalued value of the U.S. Dollar.

A copper stock is not a real asset as you only own the promise of a payout. Copper pennies are tangible and real. You physically own them. Therefore, your investment in copper pennies is better than copper stock because once you have possession of them, they are yours to keep until you wish to sell them.

Affordable Investing in Copper Versus Investment Grade Copper


While many investors out there are picking up what is known as investment grade copper at high premiums, there is an very affordable alternative in copper pennies and copper bar drops.

A copper penny has a face value of 1 cent but is worth over 2 cents. That means copper penny dealers that sell copper pennies as investments have lower cost per penny (1 cent plus overhead cost). Therefore, the copper penny can be sold for less than its actual copper metal value.

Many investors may not be able to afford gold and silver, but copper in the form of copper pennies become very affordable. To those that do buy gold and silver, copper pennies make a very advantageous method for diversifying investment assets into the copper market at competitive pricing.

Of course, if you’re looking for shorter term copper investments with a higher cost but higher copper purity then copper bars or copper punchings may be the best solution for you.

The Catch with copper pennies


Like any investment, there is always a catch. But this catch with copper pennies actually keeps the price lower for copper penny investor buyers. You can’t melt the copper penny due to U.S. law. Therefore, sellers trade below copper spot price.

What does that mean? Buy low now, sell high later. If you’re looking to flip a quick dollar by melting copper pennies, copper pennies are not for you given it is illegal to do so.

Any experienced coin metals investor will know that melting down coins for metal value or selling to a scrap yard yields lower profits than keeping the coin as a coin. This is because coins have market recognition because they are easily identifiable by potential buyers and the metal composition and purity is well known and accurate. Market recognition raises value and increase ease to sell.

Copper Pennies: Time Sensitive & Price Proof


Canada has eliminated the penny and will no longer mint the one cent coin. The United States cannot be far behind. This means investing in copper pennies is time sensitive.

When the news that Canada eliminated the penny, the price of Canadian pennies and Canadian copper pennies skyrocketed. Therefore, investing in United States pennies below copper price will become limited and is a time sensitive investment.

Not only is the Canadian penny elimination proof of a limited investing time, but also it is proof of value. Very little investments are certain and rarely can we, as investors, see into the future. In this case, we can see into the future and predict a similar outcome for the U.S. copper penny based on the Canadian copper penny (made of the same copper purity).

If you’re looking to stabilize and diversify a financial portfolio, then you may just have found the most up-and-coming anticipated copper investment in the world.

How Much Do Copper Pennies Cost


The cost of buying copper pennies depends on the coin dealer. Like any investment, buying in bulk should always be cheaper.

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