Eisenhower Dollar Coins


The Federal Reserve released to us a bank-hoarded dollar coin stash of Eisenhower coins. These Ikes were stashed in $100 cloth bags, redistributed to $1,000 bags for distribution, and sent to us, unsearched, and “As is” just for you. Unsearched, to us, means the below:

We have NOT searched for anything other than confirmation that the coins we are sending you are indeed Eisenhower Dollar Coins. Mint mark, date, condition are all ungraded and unverified. We have removed extremely damaged coins (for example: Extremely bent coins). All coins are considered circulated and may or may not show some wear from circulation.

This means you could get duplicates or completely unknown quality Ikes as they are not verified for grade. Some are in amazing condition. To be fair to distributing, we do not guarantee quality or lack of quality in your purchase.

Either way, these are limited and hard to get coins that make a great collector item and a neat gift!

They don’t make coins like these anymore!

The photograph below illustrates the shipment of the Eisenhower dollar coins arriving to our facility. Your actual Ikes will arrive in specially packaged cloth bags.

All coins were handled with extreme care, piece counted by hand with appropriate gloves back into cloth bags in $100 increments (one hundred Ikes per cloth bag).

Like all of our more unique coins that aren’t in general circulation: When we sell out, we are sold out and almost certainly will not get anymore in the future.

U.S. Eisenhower Dollar Coins
$1,000 Face Value UNSEARCHED


ungraded, unsearched, circulated Eisenhower dollar coins

Eisenhower Dollar Coins




buy mint sealed bags

2 boxes
10 cloth bags
100 coins per cloth bag
5 cloth bags per box

$1,000 would be the standard amount held in a FED depot coin bag. Collect your piece of history today with this treat of Ikes. These large-size dollar coins are becoming harder and harder to find.

Want a bigger discount? Contact us for larger orders.

(302) 265-3677.

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