90% Silver Roosevelt Dimes
$500 Face Value

$8,125.00 $7,425.00

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The value of physical silver in 90% US coins is a no-brainer compared to other products out there. The premium about silver spot price is consistently higher than other silver forms. Demand is ever increasing. Buy your silver dimes today. Limited quantities available.

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Invest in silver with one of the most popular and highly demanded silver coin: The silver Roosevelt dime. Made to the highest perfection possible by the United States Mint, these 90% silver dimes were minted anywhere between the years 1946 to 1964.

The silver Roosevelt dimes offered here are of random years and mint marks, as well as random grade and quality. They have not been searched for rarity or errors. For the sake of simplicity, the grade is stated to be circulated dime quality.

With the economies of the world becoming more volatile, and currencies becoming riskier, silver is a great preparation choice to diversify your financial portfolio and security.

$500 face value silver Roosevelt dimes, approximately 357.5 troy ounces.