Antminer R4

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Compact. Efficient. Secure.

Mining at home, the ideal and most efficient way to take advantage of ASIC powerful, 16nm chips while keeping your equipment under your personal care where you live.

Quiet at usually under 52nb, the Antminer R4 is the a great balance of hash power to electric consumption and ease of use.

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The Antminer R4 was invented as a new bitcoin mining hardware that has the at-home bitcoin miner in mind. The R4 was created to be powerful, yet quiet.

The work-from-home miner is a great supplemental income source if mining bitcoin for profit. Or, go full-time with a large-scale purchase of R4 miners to start turning computations into money.

Though the hardware is not advertised or suggested as having this purpose, many have actually stated they heat their home/portions of their home with the heat of owning many bitcoin miners. A great solution in the winter to cut down heating cost and turn some of that electricity cost into more opportunity cost payback for you, the wise bitcoin miner and investor.

Though you can of course mine solo, it is highly recommended to join a bitcoin network pool to team up and increase your odds to near-guarantee of getting a payout on your miners. Setting up a bitcoin miner to a bitcoin pool takes a small amount of upfront work, but once set up, can be added onto with ease.