How to Mail Copper Pennies

Copper Penny Boxes 68 Pounds

Your copper pennies are mailed in medium flat rate priority mail boxes shipped via USPS. We use strong paper tape that is extremely durable and holds the boxes together. Our paper tape is pressure-sensitive due to having fiberglass filament reinforcement that is of professional strength. Below is a basic illustration of how many pounds equates to how many boxes. Meaning every 68 pounds = 1 box.

This is the most efficient and cost effective manner to ship copper pennies directly to you. Each box will contain two 34 pound coin bags filled with copper pennies, totaling for a 68 pound copper pennies bullion order. Quantities are therefore in 68 pound increments.

  • All edges of the box are covered with fiberglass filament reinforced paper tape.

  • All edges are reinforced (again) with another layer of fiberglass filament paper tape.

  • Enclosed in each box will be two 34+ pounds plastic bank coin bags, with proper packing material to hold them in place.

  • These are heavy-duty sealed coin bags that are built to last even if dropped (as advertised by their manufacturer).

  • Please use caution when lifting your boxes – they weigh nearly 70 pounds each!

  • We will place tracking on the boxes for tracking purposes to make sure you receive your pennies.

  • Insurance is included on all purchases (just in case)

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