Bulk Multi Tons
U.S. Copper Pennies


multi tons of 95% pure copper

Want a larger quantity of copper pennies (2 tons+) and wondering why we don’t have larger amounts of copper pennies listed in bulk? That’s because we wouldn’t be doing you justice listing it casually on our website.

When your investment needs are this size, it is time to discuss what your individual needs are as a person.

In addition, multi-ton purchases of copper pennies means you will definitely save money between cost of the coin itself as well as shipping costs overall.

Call or email us to discuss a game plan to make your copper penny investing goals a reality.

There are 294,000 pennies in one full ton of copper pennies

And 5,880,000 in a full freight truckload of copper pennies

See photographs below for examples of tons of copper pennies:

multi tons copper pennies
multi tons copper pennies
ton copper pennies

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