How Many Pennies Per Pound


Ever wonder how many pennies there were in a pound of pennies? This changes based on the type of metal that makes up the penny.

Type of
Metal Content
of Pennies
Approximate Number
of Pennies per pound*
Copper Pennies 95% copper, 5% zinc 147 pennies per pound
Zinc Pennies 97.5% zinc, 2.5% copper 182 pennies per pound

*Figures may vary with actual coins weighed due to wear and tear, potential corrosion, and various dirt that can fixate to the coins.

Copper pennies were minted in 1982 and older. Zinc pennies were minted in 1982 and newer. The exception is in 1943 when the penny was minted out of steel.

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Wheat cents come in with the same basic weight as copper cents, though there are many more metal impurities in them. The impurities are considered to be insignificant as those impurities generally make up less than 1% of the overall coin. Note that the most of these impurities are tin.

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